WRTG394 UMUC Research-Based Report To A Decision-maker

Assignment: Final Research-Based Report – WA#4Assignment

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Due March 10 at 11:59 PM

You will begin a 2000-3000 word, research-based business report to a decision-maker. The report will identify a problem in an organization or community and propose a solution to that problem.

The instructions are at the following link:


Note: Please I am a Registered nurse working on a Psychiatry unit in the university of Maryland Prince George community hospital. This research has to be very specific to my unit. Please follow the instructions on the assignment above but that I am an active RN working on this unit with numerous problems that need to be identified and give suggestions to decisions maker. I can also provide you with assignment #3 as started in the guidelines ,even though it might not help much since i was a little bit off topic. So the key is this assignment to correct everything.

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