Who is Qualified to be a Healthcare Professional?


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Thank you once again! Please don’t forget that all my assignments get submitted through SafeAssign which will detect any plagiarism or copy of other papers. I have attached the powerpoint from our book for this week’s paper. Our book is Essentials of Health Policy and Law 3rd Edition. Here’s this week’s assignment:

The licensing of healthcare professionals and institutions is an important function of state law. As noted previously, healthcare licensure is centrally about filtering out those who may not have the requisite knowledge or skills to practice medicine; in other words, states exercise their police powers when applying licensure laws in order to protect residents from being subjected to substandard health care. State licensure laws both define the qualifications required to become licensed and the standards that must be met for purposes of maintaining and renewing licenses.

1. Discuss whether or not licensing individuals to practice medicine is an effective way of ensuring a person is competent to provide care?

2. Should anyone who provides direct care to a patient be licensed?

3. What do you see as flaws in the licensing system?

4. What is the benefit of having licensed personnel treating patients?

5. Suggest 2 alternatives that can be used to determine a healthcare professional’s competency?

6. Should it be left to the Federal government to make this determination instead of the states?

The paper should be formatted using APA (6th ed). It should be 8 pages in length including the title page, abstract, reference page, and the body of the paper which must include the introduction and conclusion as well as answers to all 6 questions.

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