Right to die with euthanasia methods

Letter to Elected Officials

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This is a group assignment I only need the bold portion answered that says my portion next to it. 100 words 1 scholarly source apa format

Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

MN507-2: Explain U.S. healthcare policy structures and the role of the nursing leader as a change agent at the public policy table.

View the Assignment presentation. Or, read the Assignment presentation transcript.


You will do your work on this template for the Unit 3 Assignment:

  1. Each member of the group must identify their state legislators’ addresses and phone numbers.
  2. The group will decide on a policy issue that needs to be addressed. (Right to die with euthanasia methods)This policy issue will be used in the unit 3, 6, & 9 Assignments.
  3. The group will write a letter to one of their legislators outlining what the issue is and why it is important. The letter will address:
    • The current policy structure.
    • The need for the change.( My portion)
    • The suggested change.
    • Cost implications if the change is implemented.
    • The role the nurse as a change agent will take at the policy table.

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