Private Grants, Group Discussion 2 help

Read the recommended article and find other outside resources. Contribute your opinions, new information and references. 

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MY section of this discussion is as follows: 

  • Private Grants
  • What I need is a 7 Slide  Power Point some of  Private funding, that also incorporates what is listed below. Please ask me questions if you are unsure

Discussion topic: Funding Medical Research

How should decisions be made about allocating funds for medical research?

Read this article_(new window)

Think about the following questions:

  • Do you agree or disagree with the article?
  • Is a disease that is genetically-based of more value to study than one that is behaviorally-based? (eg., cancer, alcoholism and substance abuse)
  • Should we spend more money for treatment or prevention? If both, then what proportions of funds should be allocated for each?
  • In what form can “prevention” be delivered? public education? vaccines/medications? both?
  • What diseases/conditions/addictions receive priority? Why?
  • How is a research proposal evaluated to determine if it deserves the allocation of funds?
  • How is research funded via federal grants? via private grants?

Your group presentation should include the following sections:

  • History of medical research funding
  • Federal Grants
  • Private Grants
  • Diseases and conditions that have been well-funded
  • Diseases and conditions that have been inadequately-funded
  • Treatment vs. prevention
  • Personal opinions of group members
  • Bibliography

Be sure to support your information with valid references!

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