Past have shaped your view of food or eating habits

Past have shaped your view of food or eating habits


What we eat is based upon our upbringing, experiences, and relationships. Reflecting upon these influences provides great insight to our own diets, favorite foods, etc. and should play a role in any diet analysis. You will look inward and focus on your own.
Write a 2 page reflection paper. Use the following discussion questions to develop your paper:
• Identify influences in your past that have shaped your view of food or your eating habits. These may include cultural, environmental, or social factors, as well as influential family members. How have these influenced your current eating patterns, weight, and health status?
• Discuss your healthy and unhealthy eating habits and how these habits developed.
• Identify emotions or relationships in the past that may have contributed to the formation of your current eating habits.
• Identify your preferences in tastes and foods that you enjoy. Do you see any connections with past influences?
• Do you think your past may influence or shape how you perceive the public you will be working with? Explain.

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