NRSE 4570 Ohio University Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

For the written assignment you will consider your own experiences and will:

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  • First, consider an ethical dilemma that you have encountered in your own nursing practice—choose one that was caused by a misunderstanding between people from different cultures. Describe that situation clearly.—->A 22 year old muslim came to the hospital with extreme fatigue, and is newly diagnosed with HIV. However, her father( The medical power of attorney) is always insisting the nurse or doctors to tell him what is wrong with his daughter, however his daughter has requested we do not disclose the information to her father due to how HIV is viewed in their religion and how it means “uncleanness”. Patient has fears of her father disowning her. Nurse had to advocate for patient and respect her wishes.
  • How did each group or individual perceive the dilemma? (Present both sides, objectively.)—–> Patient parent viewed the dilemma as disrespect for not knowing exactly what is wrong wit the daughter, and the nurse viewed the dilemma as respecting patient’s wishes because a medical power of attorney is appointed to make decisions for patient when they can not make decisions themselves.
  • Identify the conflicting values and belief systems held by each group.
  • What data was missing—what information did the health care providers not have about the patient’s culture? —-> Healthcare providers did not realize muslims view the Father as the decision maker regardless of circumstances. The nurse should have increased education to patient and father about hospital policy about patient confidentiality
  • Next, define culturally congruent care.
    • Must include 4 references. All must be no older than 5 years (2014-2019) unless course material.
    • We understand that there is only 1 course material this week; therefore, the expectation is that you use 3 peer-reviewed journal articles and the text in your written assignment.
    • No assignments accepted after the 0800 Saturday EST deadline unless approved by faculty with OU approved excuse prior to the deadline.
  • Suggested Headings
    • Title of Paper (centered, not bolded)—do not include the word Introduction
    • Ethical Dilemma (centered, bolded)
    • Perception of the Dilemma (centered, bolded)
    • Conflicting Values and Belief System (centered, bolded)
    • Missing Elements (centered, bolded)
    • Culturally Congruent Care (centered, bolded)
    • Conclusion (generally not used as a heading and instead you should use the words In conclusion, to begin the conclusion)

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