NR351 CCN Masculine And Feminine Approaches Nursing Discussion

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The Health Care institution is one of the most important institutions in the world today. This is because these institutions help achieve the impossible and are still continuing to save lives. Leadership in the Healthcare institution is therefore of great value. Good leadership skills are of a great requirement in the field of healthcare (Johannesen‐Schmidt, et al. 2001).
Working in a healthcare institution is a privilege. We get to interact with different people and get to solve the needs of others. Working under a person that is understanding and exhibits all these qualities of a good leader is therefore important. Mrs. Chalres is my DNS in my facility, everyone looks up to her, admire her personality when dealing with staff, she very diligent, respectful and helpful towards everyone. She is honest, communicative and is usually patient with us. She is always ready to help. However, this does not deter her from making the right decisions such as firing people who don’t cooperate. She doesn’t risk the lives of his patients for people who are not ready to work towards the goals of the hospitals. She is also very engaging and also seeks our opinions when making decisions.
My experience with her has been transforming. I love how she works with people and I admire her strong passion and commitment towards his work. She inspires me to become a better leader. I have also noticed that before making decisions she consults with other heads of the department. She has impacted me positively to improve my skills as a nurse and a leader. I have learned to be engaging with my fellow workers and to also ask for help when I need it. She has also taught me as a leader we are bound to make mistakes and what is important is learning from them. I have also learned to embrace the transformational leadership style as a style in my post.

Eagly, A. H., & Johannesen‐Schmidt, M. C. (2001). The leadership styles of women and men. Journal of social issues.

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