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Hide Assignment InformationTurnitin®This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.InstructionsProfessionals desiring to enhance their careers are turning to maintaining publicly available online identities. Facebook and LinkedIn are common social media platforms for shaping a personal digital brand. Where Facebook provides opportunities for personal self-promotion by disclosing social, family and personal activities open to broad audiences, LinkedIn caters to those desiring professional self-promotion and networking to advance their careers in a more controlled environment. With over 530 million users world-wide and over 140 million in the United States as of January 2018, LinkedIn has become a leading platform for broadcasting a digital portfolio.A LinkedIn profile will help you tell your professional story by providing a platform to share your work experience, display evidence of your skills, join professional groups, display endorsements, and post original content related to your field. Actively engaging in LinkedIn can boost your professional credibility leading to career advancement.The purpose of this project is to create a LinkedIn account, or if you already have one, improve your profile. At the completion of this assignment you will:Develop a professionally acceptable online presenceCreate the foundation of a professional network on which to buildInstructionsMake sure to have completed lesson two in this module:Develop a free LinkedIn Account that includes at least the following completed. Note, for the purpose of this assignment, you do not have to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium:Header, professionally posed photo, headlineSummaryExperienceEducationSkillsEndorse the skills of two classmates.Select one organization and one industry leader (person) to follow.Select one interest group to follow.Send an invitation to the course instructor.Send at least five invitations to other contacts.Upload a memo to MyFire that includes the following:The names of the classmates and the skills you endorsedThe name of the organization you chose to followThe name of the industry leader you chose to followThe names of five people you intend to invitedInclude a link to your LinkedIn Profile

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