Informatics Position Requirements, Salary Ranges, and Settings

To prepare explore the Internet for positions in informatics. Research the position titles, responsibilities, and salary ranges for positions in the field. Search general career sites like, and informatics recruiters, like or, for job descriptions. Also search for salary information at Free Salary Wizard.…

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Pick a job that interests you!

Post a brief summary of the job position you found, including:

  • Job title
  • 3-4 of the duties assigned to the position
  • Required and preferred qualifications
  • Name of job board or website you used to find the position. Include a link to the URL
  • Geographic location of the job
  • Salary (if included)
  • Does this job interest you? Why/why not?
  • Why are health informatician positions, such as the one you found, critical to a health care organization, to the community, and to individuals? Use the readings for this week to help you support your answer

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