Industrialization in the Gilded Age

Industrialization in the Gilded Age

Analyze the ways in which farmers and industrial workers responded to industrialization in the Gilded Age (1865-1900)
NOTE–Your essay’s response should focus on the workers & farmers and how they were effected by rapid industrialization in the late 1800s. The essay should NOT examine the “Robber Barons” or big Industrialists themselves!
NOTE (more)—In order to answer this question using historical facts, you could employ:
P. Scott Corbett, US History ( Chapters 17-20
Locke, The American Yawp (Chapters 16-18)
the weekly video excerpts are imbedded within the “History 17: Week 1” module Link
Kolasa’s lecture notes: “West, IR (Industrial Revolution) and Urbanism”


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