Health and Relationships

Health and Relationships



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Choose ONE of the following (same directions as all previous discussions

Gender Bias: Provide information and examples regarding health care professionals’ bias against men, women, non-binary. Do they diagnose the same? Treat the same? More likely to find pathology in one group than the other? Minimize pain? Dismiss symptoms? Provide support. This is not an attack on health care professionals; we know it happens without their malicious intent.
Marital Satisfaction: Look up a journal article on the differences between men and women (or any gender) in regard to marital satisfaction and the benefits of marriage. Report the findings and elaborate on your reasoning for the findings or the implications of the findings. Support your ideas.
Internalization/Externalization: Research the difference between internalizing behaviors and externalizing behaviors in regard to female and male coping and its relationship to mental illness/issues/problems. Be specific.
Preventative Health: Describe differences between males, females, trans, or those non-binary in regard to seeking preventative health measures, seeking formal health care (both physical and mental), and the obstacles for care facing both genders. You may even note how limitations worsen for people who are transgender or intersex.



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