HCS 457 Dicussion

  • Susan worked for an international agency that had successfully addressed the danger of radiation due to the hole in the ozone layer. She was shocked when she was told that she had a life-threatening skin cancer called melanoma. She asked: What could cause melanoma? Could years of sun exposure have played a role? 150-200 words
  • You are a principal at a local high school. One of your top athletes is in the hospital with a spreading bacterial infection due to staphylococcus bacteria resistant to all known antibiotics. The infection occurred after what appeared to be a minor injury during practice. As the principal, what do you decide to do?150-200 words
  • You travel to a country in Asia and find that this nation’s culture affects most parts of life. From the food the people eat and their method of cooking, to their attitudes toward medical care, to their beliefs about the cause of disease and the ability to alter it through public health and medical interventions, this country is profoundly different from the United States. You ask: How does culture and religion affect health?150-200 words
  • Identify the range of interactions that occur between human beings and the physical environment. 150-200 words

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