HA599 Discussion Unit 3

You will develop a comprehensive literature search strategy. After reviewing Chapter 5 in How To Do A Systematic Literature Review In Nursing: A Step-By-Step Guide (Bettany-Saltikov, 2012), address the following:Identify each step involved in the comprehensive literature search strategyOutline each step as it applies to your capstoneNext, you will locate two existing scholarly articles that are Attached and show evidence of (1) properly paraphrasing and citing the abstract, and (2) directly quoting two sentences from the abstract(with proper attribution). Be sure to include a reference list that corresponds with your general citation and direct quote citation. You donotneed a title page.Please keep in mind that I am looking for evidence of understanding the difference between properlyparaphrasing content and adirect quote. Both require its respective in-text citation.In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to  Jordan Paltani and  Felita Daniel-sacagiuJordan PaltaniWrite What is RightEach step involved in the comprehensive literature search strategy include evaluating references to help find ideas of sources to use, searching by hand to avoid bias, reading “grey” conference proceedings and/or PhD theses, and contacting authors to get access to unpublished literature.Each step as it applies to my capstone would be first looking at references from the online article Study: the kidney shortage kills more than 40,000 people a year, searching in library books starting with organ donation and leading to the shortage of organs, finding doctors who specialize in kidney transplant and see what their PhD thesis was based up, and contacting Dr. Pasavento who wrote the article Facing Organ Donor Shortage, Patients Forced to Get Creative.The article The Organ Shortage Crisis in America : Incentives, Civic Duty, and Closing the Gap discusses how the cadaveric kidney donors are becoming insufficient to meet the needs of those in need of a transplant. The author states“Nearly 120,000 people are in need of healthy organs in the United States (Flescher, 2018).”It explains how they are trying to increase living donors to donate to those in need either related or unrelated (Flescher, 2018). The author states,“Every ten minutes a new name is added to the list, while on average twenty people die each day waiting for an organ to become available.”With that being said, some ideas include paying those for their kidneys or having them just spend a day at dialysis with a patient.The article Relieving the kidney donor shortage, discusses how kidney transplantation is the only treatment for kidney failure. Having a kidney transplant is cheaper than dialysis, which is only a Band-Aid for kidney failure. Financial incentives are currently an idea to have the amount of living donors increase. This can be beneficial for both the donor and the recipient. The author states,“To a low income person, perhaps unemployed, $50,000 for a donation of his or her kidney might seem like the only solution to an intractable situation (Hodge, 2017).”Not only does the recipient benefit heavily but so does the donor,“A financial incentive might just add a new, troubling dimension to the “1% vs 99%” struggle (Hodge, 2017).”Bettany-Saltikov, J. (2012). How To Do A Systematic Literature Review In Nursing : A Step-By-Step Guide. McGraw-Hill Education.Flescher, A. M. (2018). The Organ Shortage Crisis in America : Incentives, Civic Duty, and Closing the Gap. Georgetown University Press.Hodge, M. (2017). A PROPOSAL: Relieving the kidney donor shortage. Nephrology News & Issues, 31(1), 25.Pesavento, D. (2015, October 20). Facing Organ Donor Shortage, Patients Forced to Get Creative. Retrieved September 08, 2020, fromhttps://www.livescience.com/52526-rarity-of-organ-donations-forcing-patients-to-get-creative.htmlFelita Daniel-sacagiuI. Steps involved in the comprehensive literature search strategy are:Step 1: Write out the research question an identify the component partsStep 2: Identify synonymsStep 3: Identify truncations and abbreviationsStep 4: Develop a search strategy stringStep 5: Undertake a comprehensive search using all possible sources of informationStep 6: Save searchesII. Search strategy steps as they apply to my capstoneStep 1: How does buprenorphine impact opioid abuse?PICO_____Patients who become how effective  as compared to at reducingaddicted to opioids is buprenorphine  individual therapy risk of deathafter long term use treatment  by overdose(longer than 3 days)Step 2:Combined terms Patient Condition   Intervention  Comparative   OutcomesCombined with AND   AND     Intervention  AND___AND _____________________________________OR  Addicted Medication  Therapist  Quality of lifeOR Dependent Therapy  CounselorOR  Addict  Treatment  DetoxOR  Drug user   Counseling  Medication Assisted TxOR Substance abuser Individual TherapyOR Drug reliant PrescriptionOR Hooked  Opioid medicationTwo scholarly articles:Article 1:There is not much known about how opioid prescription patterns contribute to or lead to opioid disorder and overdose. Administrations continue to explore approaches to decrease patient opioid prescriptions and limit doses according to CDC guidelines (Wei, Chen, Fillingim, Schmidt, & Winterstein, 2019). Studies regarding how opioid prescription frequency affects patient drug abuse are limited. However, government officials are beginning to place more focus on the relationship between dosing and abuse. “With governments’ increasing efforts to curb opioid prescription use and limit dose below the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-recommended threshold of 90 morphine milligram equivalents per day, little is known about prescription opioid patterns preceding opioid use disorder (OUD) or overdose. This study aimed to determine prescribed opioid fills and dose trajectories in the year before an incident OUD or overdose diagnosis using a 2005–2016 commercial healthcare database” (Wei, Chen, Fillingim, Schmidt, & Winterstein, 2019, p. 1).Article 2:Overprescribing opioids began in the late 1990s after pharmaceutical companies assured medical professionals that prescription opioid pain relievers were safe. In 2016, deaths from opioid abuse increased at an alarming rate to over 40,000 deaths (McGinley, 2018). “The number of overdose deaths involving opioids was 5 times higher in 2016 than in 1999. On average, 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose” (McGinley, 2018, p.166).References:Bettany-Saltikov, J. (2012). How To Do A Systematic Literature Review In Nursing: A Step-By-Step Guide. Maidenhead, UK:McGraw-Hill Education.McGinley, P.C. (2018). Big Pharma, Prescription Opioids, and the Dea: Drug Dealing in Plain View. Tennessee Journal of Law& Policy, 13, 425-426.Wei Y-JJ, Chen C, Fillingim R, Schmidt SO, Winterstein AG (2019) Trends in prescription opioid use and dose trajectories beforeopioid use disorder or overdose in US adults from 2006 to 2016: A cross-sectional study. PLoS Med 16(11): e1002941.https://doi.org/10.1371/journal. pmed.1002941

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