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Question is :

5. Is utilitarianism a relativist ethical view? Does utilitarianism imply that the same things are right or wrong in every society? ***

Answer is :

Utilitarianism is relativist ethical view. The reason for that is due to the idea that different people see situations differently. Utilitarianism is the concept of making a decision based on the greatest good for the most people. Thus whoever has the power and is making the decision may think that they are choosing the option that does good by the greatest number of people. However, somebody else could feel that a different choice is for the greater good. For example, if a king only only has enough resources to build a bridge across a river or build a new medical center and he chooses the bridge in order to gain more resources for present and future generations. In his eyes he is doing the best for the most people. However, if a doctor was in charge he would pick the new medical center because then they could save more lives and help the most people.

With that scenario in mind utilitarianism does not imply that the same things are right or wrong in every society. Every society/situation is different. In one society, everyone may be perfectly healthy and there would be no need for a new medical center. Thus the new bridge would be the utilitarian choice. Vice versa, if everyone in a society was sick, it would be for the greatest good to build a new medical center.

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