Disaster Diplomacy

Disaster Diplomacy


A theory has been advanced for what is called “Disaster Diplomacy.” For example that public health disasters could lead to diplomatic breakthroughs with U.S. adversaries such as Iran and North Korea. Its premise is that international disaster response can be a form of diplomacy. Its primary feature is that disaster aid can serve to overcome political differences and create an atmosphere of cooperation between countries that previously were adamantly opposed on most issues.
Provide your position on disaster diplomacy and if it can be applied to real-world situations. Is this a realistic concept or idealistic wishful thinking that, at best, produces only temporary, transitory benefits?
There are no right or wrong answers but you must support your response with critical thinking, relevant examples, and cited sources.
Write a substantive initial response (275 words minimum but 300 words would be better if able, not including citations).

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