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The importance of cybersecurity is to allow developing nations to use online services, sharing confidential data and information through the web, and distributing products and services safely. Without cybersecurity, nations will discover the risks and the threats that they’ll face and find themselves in a predicament against it. It could either affect individuals or businesses, however, every country must leverage the forces of the market by motivating the private sector to make the effective and continual investment required to secure companies’ diverse networks (Tripwire, 2017). The reasons why nations should have their own cybersecurity workforce because it can “Provide comprehensive digital protection to your business, protects personal information regarding your employees or customers, and protects productivity that could prevent your business from going down” (Nouveau, 2018). We’ll soon realize that the people, the businesses, and the government are always at constant risk from potential cyber-attack. Although we could avoid using technology or computers to accomplish goals or achievements, with the continuous evolution of technology, it helped to use, create, manage and exchange information online. Therefore, we must support and care to those who lacks protection, which could benefit the entire nation.

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It‘s recommended and necessary for wealthy nations to support smaller nations since there are no physical borders within the internet. It’s a risk for wealthier nations because if smaller nations are vulnerable against cyber-attack, then it could affect everyone around it. It affects the wealthy nations because cyber-attacks can harm the national interest of all countries, especially the potential harm to economic growth (Ruiz, 2017). The main risk is the impact of economic growth; however, as I said above, there are no physical borders within the internet. The only way to differentiate from one another is the security and protection they obtain. Also, if wealthy nations decide not to support them, then who can they provide supply and demand too? If all the smaller nations are infected with viruses, then it can potentially affect the two nations. But, if the smaller nations cannot find any solutions or assistance to increase their security. Then there are other organizations that can be helpful for them.

These two organizations ENISA and Commonwealth CTO can help nations develop effective cybersecurity strategies by approaching them with recommendations, activities that support policy making and implementations, and ‘Hands On’ work (ENISA, 2019). They help and advice nations and businesses by raising awareness with a high level of network and information security. By implementing a strategic plan, it can promote affordable universal and high-quality broadband connectivity, a culture of cybersecurity and effective cyber governance, and the development and use of ICT applications for socio-economic development (CTO, 2017). With the combination of these two organizations, smaller nations can benefit from it by acquiring the skills to create their own security, and then asking for assistance.

Other ways in helping develop a global capacity for cybersecurity incident response, we could include the public and private partnerships that can help by providing more sustainable frameworks for promoting policy, technology, and operational expertise, as well as best practices for cybersecurity (Microsoft, 2012). With the help from a non-governmental organization, we can achieve such intel against the growing global cyber threat problem.

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