Change Management Concepts: ER Savannah Discussion

Use the below website to answer the discussions for this week only

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oPerley, R. (Ed.). (2016). Managing the long-term care facility: Practical approaches to providing quality care. ISBN: 9781118654781. Retrieved from… 

§Chapter 1, “Public Policy: Historical Overview of Long-Term Care,” pages 1–29.

§Chapter 2, “Long Term Care Continuum,” pages 33–65.

§Healey, B. J. (2017). Principles of healthcare leadership. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Use your coursepack, Foundations and Future of Health Care Delivery Management, to read: 

oChapter 8, “Aging in America,” pages 118–128.

To support your coursework, use the Internet to review information provided on these Web sites:


oPlaneTree Health Library.

oHealthy People 2020.

Applying Change Management Concepts to Population Aging 

As evidenced from your studies in this unit, the aging of the U.S. population is a strong force for system change. Leaders in the healthcare system must develop excellent critical thinking and change management skill sets to prepare and navigate their sector of the industry through these changes. Managerial understanding of the Vagaries of Change Acceptance (Healey, 2018, p. 162) concept in strategic planning is vital for leading successful change efforts.

1 In this question you will discuss Applying Change Management Concepts to Population Aging:

oDescribe how the healthcare sector you work in (ER, Savannah, GA), is presently and will in the future, be impacted by an aging population. Include health indicators, disease outcome and mortality rates, political, economic, and consumer driven factors, different types of care for them, as applicable.

oUsing your subscribed sources The Wall Street Journal, Joe Flower, Plane Tree Health Library, The Medical Futurist, Health Affair, and Healthy people from Unit 1, research and describe an example of disruptive innovation related to the impact(s) that you describe.

oApply the Vagaries of Change Acceptance (Healey, 2018, p. 162) considerations to analyze how rapidly this innovation might or might not be accepted.

The Long Term Care Continuum

The increased longevity of the U.S. population, and resulting changes in health concerns and quality of life challenges, demand substantial change in the structure of the long-term care continuum.

2. In this question you will discussion The Long Term Care Continuum

-Briefly describe the current and forecasted demographic breakdown of an aging (65 ages) population of your community (look in the resource demographic, get the aging population; what it is now and what they forecast it to be in the next decade.)

-Research and summarize the options available within your community (Savannah, GA, what there to help this specific population in turn of Medicare, in terms of residential care, assist living,) for this population related to the long-term care continuum. 

-Include resources to support aging in place in the home, as well as adult care homes, intermediate care, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities.

-Analyze your community’s ability to meet the needs of the current population.

-Evaluate your community’s ability to meet the needs of the population over the next decade.

-Focus on one specific change required to meet current or future needs related to your findings, and research and recommend a creative and innovative option—of U.S. or global origin—to meet this need.

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