Al Qaeda is a terrorist group, science homework help

Al Qaeda is a terrorist group that has its own anti-American agenda. It is a patient group that plans its operations well in advance (Stern, 2007, 161). It conducts surveillance from which plans are created. It is a sophisticated operation with a wealth of financial and material resources that enable them to execute extreme terrorist attacks.

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Jihadi groups build state relationships with individual politicians, intelligence agencies, and various factions within the government (Stern, 2007, 161). Pakistan’s ISI supported the Pakistani Jihadists, providing training at terrorist training camps. It is likely that this support continues to this day, even after the post-9/11 promise of President Masharraf to force pro-Jihadi elements out. Active duty military personnel were involved in training personnel that are involved with Al Qaeda. Families of suicide bombers were offered cash payments by Saddam Hussein. Iran provided funding to various Jihadi groups around the world. A witness for the US government in the trial of bombers of African embassies testified that Al Qaeda maintained close ties with Iranian security forces. These security forces provided bombs to Al Qaeda and bin Laden offered services to leaders who gave him sanctuary. Because of this, he had access to state assets. Bin Laden also maintained a relationship with the leader of the National Islamic Front in Sudan. He also worked closely with Sudan’s intelligence agency and military. Al Qaeda’s international contacts extended to Algeria, Pakistan, and Tunisia (Stern, 2007, 162). Training, arms smuggling, and financial support came from the Philippines, Jordan, Eritrea, Egypt, Yemen, and elsewhere. After U.S. pressure, he fled to Afghanistan, where he offered to assist the Taliban in its efforts to destroy the Northern Alliance. As a result, he received loyalty and hospitality.

This relationship continues, even after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The International Islamic Front will still need to maintain its state relationships (Stern, 2007, 163). It will continue to rely on groups that have their own regional agendas that will continue to finance Al Qaeda’s global, anti-American sentiments. Freelancers who are not a part of any formal group will also play a role in establishing relationships and furthering the group’s agenda.


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