750 words – Antibody – Antigen (Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen Antibody – Hepatitis B Antigen)

Topic: Antibody – Antigen (Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen Antibody – Hepatitis B Antigen)
Protein is Antibodies/ immunoglobulin
Ligand is Antigen
Total 750 words excluding reference list.
APA style in text citation (e.g. (Schulze et al., 2010))

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it should be written in a way such that you can incorporate those points 1 – 5 inside the writeup. Please make sure to include in-text citations from at least 4 difference references. References must be from a credible source e.g. journal articles.

You should also cover at least one other feature of your chosen interaction – it’s up to you to decide which extra point(s) to cover, as some may be more suitable or more interesting than others depending on which topic you have chosen. Qns 1 to 5 is compulsory and qns 6 – 8 below please choose one only:

1. What are the components of the protein and ligand pair that you have chosen?

2. What is the primary biological function resulting from the interaction between this pair of molecules? What purpose does the interaction serve?

3. What major cellular activities (metabolic pathways/processes) require this interaction?

4. How do the protein and ligand interact at the molecular level? What are the structural requirements for this interaction to occur? What triggers the interaction?

5. Where does this interaction occur (tissue/organ, cell, subcellular organelle)?

6. (example) What happens if the interaction does not occur at all, or if it functions incorrectly, in nature?

7. (example) Can we artificially manipulate the interaction? If so, to what purpose?

8. (example) Is there any variation in the interaction in different cells or organisms?

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